Industry Profile:

Mobile internet terminal products belong tothe field of consumer electronics. In addition to performance requirements,they also need fashionable packaging and design. They have high requirementsfor appearance, short life cycle and high production capacity.

We has mature experience in the developmentof consumer electronic products. The product development cycle is short and thematerials are easy to use, including not only metal materials, but also ceramicmaterials. The products are rich and diverse, such as various Catos, side keys,charging interfaces, earphone jack accessories, hand frame, camera assembly,watch case, rotating shaft, etc. We have a stable supply chain system to ensureon-time delivery and better meet the needs of customers.


Quality assurance:We have strict controlover product quality. We have  qualitycertification system. We have professional R&D team and skilled operatorsto ensure the quality requirements of each link.

Rich in materials:We has always regardedthe development and use of materials as the driving force of development.

One-stop solution: We are not only a partmanufacturer, but also a one-stop service for project design, product development,parts production and quality inspection.

Typical applications of mobile Internetproducts: card slot side key, charging interface, camera parts, internalstructural parts, intelligent wear, etc.

Design, sampling & mass production one stop solution provider.