Industry Profile:

It breaks through the limitation of traditional P / M process in shape, and has the characteristics of mass production, high efficiency forming and complex shape. It has become a near forming technology for modern manufacturing high-quality precision parts.


In addition to the above five major application fields, other fields are also involved, such as outdoor defense, daily necessities, gardening, sports goods, etc.


Quality assurance:We have strict control over product quality. We have  quality certification system. We have professional R&D team and skilled operators to ensure the quality requirements of each link.

Rich in materials:We has always regarded the development and use of materials as the driving force of development.

One-stop solution: We are not only a part manufacturer, but also a one-stop service for project design, product development, parts production and quality inspection.

Typical applications of products: Daily necessities, gardening, sporting goods, sewing system, household equipment, etc.

Design, sampling & mass production one stop solution provider.