Industry Profile:

Tool products include hand tools and electrictools. The fierce market competition of tool products requires high performanceand high reliability.


Industrial / tool products have highrequirements for hardness and wear resistance. The market of industrial / toolproducts is large, and the products are rich, but at the same time, thecompetition is fierce. Fuchi high tech has rich products in the tool and lockindustry, mainly including industrial engine parts, electric tool parts,electronic packaging, lock cylinder components, etc.


Quality assurance:We have strict controlover product quality. We have  qualitycertification system. We have professional R&D team and skilled operatorsto ensure the quality requirements of each link.

Rich in materials:We has always regardedthe development and use of materials as the driving force of development.

One-stop solution: We are not only a partmanufacturer, but also a one-stop service for project design, product development,parts production and quality inspection.

Typical applications of products: Doorhardware, electric tools, industrial engine parts, bathroom facilities, lockcylinder components, etc.

Design, sampling & mass production one stop solution provider.