Metal Injection Molding


    Product characteristics

    1. MIM parts has high degree of freedom in shapes like plastic products, and complex metal parts can be produced at one time.

    2. MIM products has uniform density, good finish, the surface roughness can be achieved Ra 0.80 ~ 1.6μm, weight range of 0.1 ~ 200g. Dimensional accuracy (± 0.1% ~ ± 0.3%), generally it has no follow-up processing.

    3. MIM is applicable to a wide range of materials, wide application areas, high utilization of raw materials, a high degree of automation, simple process can achieve continuous mass production.

    4. Stable quality, reliable performance, the relative density of products up to 95% to 98%, which can be carburizing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment. Product strength, hardness, elongation are good.

  • CIM

    Ceramic Powder Injection Molding


    Product Characteristics

    Zirconia ceramics, ZrO2 ceramics, Zirconia Ceramic have high melting point and boiling point, high hardness, insulator at room temperature, and conductivity at high temperature.

    Ceramic powder injection moulding (CIM) is a manufacturing process that combines ceramic powder with plastic binder to obtain some strength and density parts by injection moulding.

  • BMG

    Liquid metal


    Product Characteristics

    1、High Strength and Hardness
    2、High elasticity
    3、Good corrosion resistance
    4、Good biocompatibility and bacteriostatic effect
    5、Formable complex thin-walled parts
    6、Conductivity & amp; relatively poor thermal conductivity
    7、High-grade metal texture

    The price is moderate and can be produced in large quantities. Liquid metal belongs to brittle material, and its failure mode is mainly fracture. Therefore, it should be avoided as far as possible to be used in some key stress components, such as aircraft and automobile, which require high safety performance and are the main stress components.

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