Industry Profile:

Communication products are similar to most consumer electronic products. Creative design, high-strength materials and fashionable packaging are essential. This kind of products are generally produced in large quantities, with high production capacity and delivery time.


We are experienced in the manufacture of CPU heat sink / fan blades, optical fiber base, microwave cavity components and isolation components for 4G / 5G projects.

 Quality assurance: We have strict control over product quality. We have  quality certification system. We have professional R&D team and skilled operators to ensure the quality requirements of each link.

Rich in materials: We has always regarded the development and use of materials as the driving force of development.

One-stop solution: We are not only a part manufacturer, but also a one-stop service for project design, product development, parts production and quality inspection.

Typical applications of products: CPU radiator / fan blade, optical fiber base, microwave cavity components, 4G / 5G project isolation components, etc.

Design, sampling & mass production one stop solution provider.