Let dreams fly and Together We Win –“Elite Project” Orientation training of the first-phase participants


From July 18th to 20th, 2016, with the great attention of leadership and every department' vigorous support, the induction training for the first phase - “Elite Project” carried out successfully. During the three-day training period, the founder and senior consultant of our company, Yu Ligang, the general manager of the company, Zhong Wei, the director of the administrative personnel department, Dong Mingxia, the director of the production operation center, Hu Jinchun, and the department manager of the “Elite Project”, conducted lectures for the college students, which reflected that we took high attention to the "Elite Project".

The second stage of development brought greater need for talents in Future High-tech.The Administrative Personnel Department made great efforts for the recruitment from October 2015 to April 2016, and finally got the talents from seven universities in China, including Central South University, Shanghai University, and Henan University of Technology.

Talents are the key and fundamentality of Future High-tech, we sincerely hope that the "Elite Project" members will become the pillars of our company at an early date.

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